First blog post

Thanks for stopping by. My search for a pet has not been as easy as I thought but I have had fun and often hilarious adventures on my journey so I’m going to start documenting it. You are welcome…


The thoughts of Miss Evie

This is a space where I can share my domme thoughts with potential pets and anyone interested. I often have day dreams of past adventures and ideas on what I would like to do with the right toy…

Because he knows

I’m worth it, he waits and he thanks me so sincerely with his body and his tongue.

For the last three days I’ve been waking him before work by sitting on his chest and sliding my pussy up and down until its soaked then sitting on his morning glory and riding him until he says thank you.

He knows to say it just before he reaches.

The first morning he was arrogant and confident he would be able to maintain himself at work without my touch or thoughts of my body entering every waking moment.

By the second day. Flashes of my hot pink pussy against the darkness of my thighs as I roll my waist against his, begin to invade his thoughts, pushing him to his limit, my back arched and nipples hard between his fingers.

I do enjoy riding you like this. Both physically and mentally. You can take more than most.

This third morning you have started begging for release. The idea of being so deeply devoted to negotiating a deal for yourself seems more than rational to you. So when I slap you as you plead, your face is priceless. You look like a little boy who just dropped his ice cream on the first lick after queuing for a long time and realising that tantalizing coolness was not going to happen.

No, I like it when you sweat while I’m bent over touching my toes and rocking in and out, circling you, engulfing your throbbing hardness.

Just as I feel you may not be able to help yourself it’s time for you to thank me, enjoying my taste on your lips as you head to work.

How long will I go on like this?

I haven’t decided yet….

Right infront of me the whole time

Desire is not always sexual but the willingness of the pet to satisfy my expectations makes it so for me.

You have always sought to make me happy and serve me but I never thought of in in that light until now. Our lives have been entwined for the longest time.

You made me want you by knowing just how to approach me. Sitting at my feet and taking them into your hands. Slowly massaging them as you look into my eyes and confess your desire for me to control your body. How your mind is already mine and your body craves to symbolize it through following the sound of my voice wherever it may lead you.

I’ve heard such words before of course. What woman hasn’t. Maybe it was the way you looked at me and kissed my toes. Or the smile you gave when you said I could own you if I chose to. That you were waiting or me but would happily spend any time you can proovimg yourself until you are my favourite.

I lifted your head and kissed your lips. You opened your mouth and sighed. I bit your lower lip, you thanked and kissed me more. You are so soft with me so careful.

I am not gentle with you and yet you honour every touch. Those eyes, so inviting, almost innocent.

I pull you closer with my legs wrapped around you. I wonder if you remember what you said to me the first time we connected in this almost primal manner.

You said you had never been owned before yet were already mine.

The following day you told me that my prescence was still with you. The bites, scratches, scent and taste makes you feel marked and you are not ready to lose that sense by showering and washing it away. Again I am surprised at how I have never noticed your now obviously submissive traits. I’ve seen you around other women. We have been friends for a long time.

Black men have enough contradictory expectations of them, without adding the stereotypical dimension of submissive male to the mix. I can understand why you kept it to yourself. It made me realise how we hide elements of ourselves even around friends.

Sometimes I forget our days are made up of the masks we wear and it takes time to unveil our true selves to others.

As you lay on your back and I ontop of you I could feel you respond when I told you what I wanted and confessed how difficult it is for me to not just take you at every opportunity. The sight of you at my feet makes me wet every time and I adore you for returning my gaze no matter how many times your face is slapped. These things signify devotion in a way words can not. I need it.

I like that your locs are almost as long as mine and I have something to wrap around my arms like rope and hold onto when your mouth is on me.

It feels so natural as if it was an inevitable closeness, a moment already existing that was waiting for its time.

It’s been a while since I let anyone in like that. I have been guardimg myself. I think its not always clear that the domme is also vulnerable at times having shared their most intimate thoughts to the tiniest detail. The agreement is mutual afterall. The submissive gives themselves as a willing slut to the lustful nature and desires of the dominant. Desire is not always sexual but the willingness of the pet to satisfy my expectations makes it so for me.

Three panties…

I am getting over a loss and taking time to myself. But I admire your wish to show your willingness, to serve, through the things that you offer to do.

I told you about my plans to redecorate the house and I saw your genuine disappointment that I didn’t ask you to do it. Sometimes I am so focussed on doing things myself I forget the bliss you experience doing ordinary things for me. Thats why I was struck when you said:

‘But I am here for you Miss. I will take any opportunity to do something for you. Knowing each time you pass these walls you would be reminded i painted them out of a desire to be of use to you in any way you give me the chance to. That’s why I like cleaning your shoes and making you food. Perhaps that makes me more than your pet but more significantly to me it makes me feel more like yours. Sometimes I worry you forget how much you do for me by being yourself and allowing me to be part of a side you seldom share with others. That is reward enough for me.’

This really gave me something to think about. You are the first I have encountered whose wish to demonstrate their submissiveness extends beyond scenes and permeates our friendship. This is a very different dynamic.

We have been friends for a long time and I am still very much aware of this being new territory for me. Every moment in my presence feels like an honour for you. Sometimes that can be intimidating for me as I am still learning about this side of myself and we have begun to hang out a lot. How could I not have noticed this about you? I guess its mainly because there has never been a sexual element to our connection in my mind.

However looking back there are instances that I suppose I missed. Clues that I would have noticed were I looking through different eyes. Oddly your previous lovers didn’t strike me as particularly dominant. You often complained they seldom took the lead but I took that to mean you wished they would occasionally initiate.

I look forward to seeing where this takes us…

You have been very well behaved so I have a reward for you. Three panties are on the bed and I have taken a photo, you are to choose one for me to wear on our next encounter.

‘OMG, I was driving and now I cant think. Had to pull over!’

Your text makes me smile to myself. I’ve shaved and almost sent you a picture. But I think that would have tipped you over the edge. Doesn’t take much to tease you since I’ve starved you for the last two weeks.

My pussy pulses and soaks my panties at the thought of your hungry mouth. I haven’t touched myself either so I will have to try and contain myself when we meet.

Last time I starved you, I enjoyed hearing your growls as I rubbed my wet fingers on your lips.

‘I really am your puppy Miss’. you say licking your lips and breathing deeply.

‘Yes you are’ I reply…

So now you are mine…

I think I may have found something worth keeping. I want him more each time and its never enough….

He said he likes my boots and wishes I would greet him one day wearing only them.

‘Oh I have better boots for that.’

I say, picturing the perfect ones. His eyes light up. He has only had a taste of that side of me which you guys are growing to know so well. He has no idea…..

I had just popped round for a tea on my way home.

‘You can be cruel.’ you said as I kised you.

Sitting at your desk. I am standimg over you. Yours legs between mine, your hands gripping the arms of your chair as if you may take off, save from your will to remain grounded.

‘I know. But you need it sometimes and it’s good for us.’

I say this with one hand against the back of the chair and the other holding your already growing cock, over your bulging trousers.

‘You don’t deserve me today. But I do feel like teasing you.’

Kissing your neck I unbutton my pink blouse revealing my red lace bra.

‘You can suck my nipples, you know I like that. Such a hungry mouth.’

I think about your next reward if you manage to be patient…

Those boots will work well with my bodysuit. Your mouth will look so good between my pink netted thighs….

Such a beautiful man. I imagine you with a leash and my nipples harden.

‘What are you thinking about? I can feel your body…Miss?’

‘Your leash’ I reply. ‘How you would look and what I intend to do with you…. Would you like to know?’

‘Yes please Miss. I guess on my hands and knees?’

‘Of course!’ I whisper a scene in your ear and you suck my breasts, your hands holding them together as you lick between them intensely.

‘I’d arch my back and you’d recieve me with your mouth. Sucking me in until I pull your leash. You stop, your face inches from my wet pussy. I start to drip and you moan. No one makes me as wet as you do. So very clearly turned on by your task.’

‘Who do you belong to?’ I’d ask

Your reply makes me squirt all over your face. I surprise myself. Your face so proud it would be rude not to rub myself in it. I feel a tremor begin as a deep need to pour myself over you overwhelms me. I pull you and you eagerly lap up your reward. I’d rest my legs on your shoulders. You would smell and feel the leather against your neck. Wouldn’t that be a treat?’

‘Fuck yes Miss, I am yours.’

‘Well, a few weeks will be worth the wait won’t it?’

I button my blouse and straighten my skirt preparing to leave. You remain seated.

‘Try not to miss me too much.’

I kiss your cheek and close the door.

Before we meet…

The amount of times you think about touching yourself will increase. It must be psychological. The idea of what is to come seems to propel some potential puppys into the most raging hard ons at inopportune moments.

On your way to work as you daydream about how I could taste. In the middle of a meeting when you wonder if I will like the gift you chose. Or perhaps the next time your phone buzzes in your pocket as you wait in anticipation of my next message.

You seem like the kind of puppy that will need to be kept on a leash for quite some time before training starts to settle you into your place.

You said you wanted to be mine, begged to be my pet. Remember that.

I have a task for one who has yet to read this. I look forward to seeing how this will progress. If he has been paying attention it will show and we will meet.

Our appointment

I call you as I head to your place. I’m 20 minutes away.

‘Get ready for me. Make sure you are in the appropriate state when I arrive’

Just hearing the words come out makes me wet. I don’t have much time today but I need a release and you are just the right person for the job. As I arrive at your flat I can feel my juices against the fabric of my underwear and top of my thighs.

When the door opens it’s clear that you are naked as expected. Such a beautiful man especially as you fall to your knees. I lift my dress and stroke my wet thighs, with my juiced hand I hold the side of your face and you instantly try to lick my hand.

SLAP! ‘Hey you are usually such a well behaved boy what do gou think you are doing?’

‘I’m sorry Mistress, the scent of you is intoxicating, I couldn’t help myself.’

I take my panties off infront of you and stuff them into your mouth. Slapping you a little more and pushing your shoulders back I lay you in the floor and sit in your face.

The sensation of my skin overwhelms your senses. I rub my soaked pussy in your face. I know not being able to taste me with your tongue is driving you crazy.

‘Should have been good pet. You could be tasting me right now instead of second hand through my panties’.

I push your arms above your head and grind my hot wetness all over your glistening face. I enjoy hearing your groans both lustful and painful as you attempt to open your mouth for even the slightest taste. Your body begins to dance in time with mine. Your dick is fucking the air as if it contains the echo of my pussy, I’m sure you are fantasizing about more than just tasting me right now. I push a finger deep inside me and then trace the outline of your cock.

‘Are you going to be a good boy now?’

You nod as best you can underneath me. Removing the panties I say

‘Make yourself a drink.’

You thank me and immediately start by sucking my clit. You know how much I love feeling your mouth around me. I hold your head down as you roll your tongue over my lips and push into my wet hole.

‘Suck again puppy, its pulsing. I’m so close’

You obey like it’s the most important task you have ever been given.

‘Every last drop remember?’

Fuck it feels good as the intensity rises and I feel the release. As the pleasure of the moment fades I give you a few minutes to recover.

‘Be a darling and get me a mocha before I have to go.’

You get up and head to the bathroom

‘Where are you going?’

‘To wash my face Miss’

‘Uh uh. Get dressed you can do that when you return.’

You smile putting on your jeans and t-shirt as you head to the door. Such a good boy I think to myself.