First blog post

Thanks for stopping by. My search for a pet has not been as easy as I thought but I have had fun and often hilarious adventures on my journey so I’m going to start documenting it. You are welcome…

The thoughts of Miss Evie

This is a space where I can share my domme thoughts with potential pets and anyone interested. I often have day dreams of past adventures and ideas on what I would like to do with the right toy…

I thought of you 

As he pounded into me and even before.  He knows another makes me so very wet just from his words. He asks me of you as he rubs my juices over my engorged clit. Why does he do this to you? I wanna be mad but you feel so fucking good right now.  

‘Feeling your  walls closing in as my cock is getting drenched makes it hard to be jealous right now. You know I need this from you, I’m never letting you go?’

Moving my hips in  time to your thrust I reply. 

‘He does for me what you do not. He will lick me clean after this. With his little dick leaking as he does it and he loves me for it.’

Hearing this makes you harden despite your look of disapproval. I kiss you and pull you downward back on the floor.  Lowering myself slowly onto your face.

‘I will be much less gentle with him. Grinding my cun filled pussy in his face’. 

You moan and suck on my clit. Rubbing with your tongue. Then pushing your tongue deep into the source of my wetness. 

‘Please let me fuck you. I am so in need. I want him to know you are mine.’

I laugh and you look hurt. I move myself lower down your body leaving a trail of juice. You slap my clit with the tip of your dick and kiss my nipples. 

I bounce on the tip until he arches his back to fill me. I can feel him wanting to prove himself to me. Keep himself in my memory. I dance on his dick taking all its length rocking to our own rythym. 

‘You love that another wants me and I always come back to you. Don’t you?’

‘Yes. At times I hate it but I love knowing you are desired & still choose me. I’ll let him know that every lick is the result of how I filled and marked you. ‘

I love it when you become primal and lustfull. Grunting as you push deeper. Your grip on me tightening. 

‘I want all of it lover fill me and cover me. Let him be grateful for what he receives. ‘

At that you do as can be seen. Such a good boy for me and you still get to play alpha. Kinda!

Time for pet to get to work….

The exhibition

We arranged to take a day off to spend together in our own special way. You booked a hotel to ensure our privacy as we seek to explore a hidden part of ourselves.

The week before I asked you to purchase some items and bring them with you.  The thought of a face dildo  and riding crop in your bag, makes you nervous and excited at the same time as you wait for me in the cafe bar, unsure of what to expect, yet safe in the knowledge that although Owner has a cruel streak, she appreciates you too much to cause you too much harm.

A whole day with my pet is quite a treat for both of us. I have an exhibition I’ve wanted to see at the Jack Bell Gallery for a while and this would be the perfect way to do it.  I choose my clothing as carefully as I have chosen yours. On this day I wear a blue body stocking with a black cincher under my rather formal charcoal dress…  After our afternoon drink we proceed to the gallery where I intend to tease you. We both know you are aching to see my plans for you once we are alone, which adds another dimension to the trip…

Each time I take a step the side split of my dress reveals the lace top of my holdups and the smallest hint of my beautiful dark chocolate thighs, just enough to make you warm and wonder what kind of panties I’m wearing, if at all. 

You once said you like to be made to feel weak by your desire. Let’s see if that is the case in public where you are expected to conduct yourself like a man.  Although you will always be my boy in private, I’m not about displaying our dynamic to the public. 

The gallery space is large and echos our footsteps. ‘Did you bring the items I asked for?’

‘Yes Miss Evie’ you reply quietly, avoiding eye contact, yet staring at my legs, hoping for another glimpse.

‘Great. I’m sure we will enjoy ourselves then. Especially me!’

A slight smile passes your lips. 
I drop my sunglasses and ask you to pick them up. As you kneel down to reach them I step on your hand and hear a suprised gasp emit your lips. I can see you are getting excited. My lovely little puppy. I’m going to make you melt…

I look forward to tying you up and trying out our new toys, this is going to be a wonderful day.

There is one mixed media piece I really like looking at. I wonder if you see the same things I do when you view it? 

‘I’ll be back in a moment, don’t move. Not even an inch…’

‘Yes Miss, as you wish’. 

Something about the way you say that always makes me tingle. I walk to the loo and remove my panties. The excitement of the day shows on my lace panties as you will soon find out. I’m so wet my juices are practically dripping down my thighs. After a tidy up I slide my forefinger over my sensitive clit and enjoy the feeling between my fingers. 

Stepping back out into the space I find you just as I left you. 

‘ I think I know why you  like this one so much Miss…..’

Your voice starts to trail off as I trace your lips with my fingers. 

‘You were saying?’ I ask

‘Can we go now please?’



You offer it up to me on our first encounter. But do you really mean it or is the thought of what you want causing you to say things you may later regret?

Sometimes I can feel how a situation may progress & if they are worth my time, those are the ones I’m willing to take a chance on. 

They show a sense of understanding their place from the outset through a genuine desire to please me. Not just sexually because I need to know you first, but in a social setting. Making an effort to demonstrate their willingness to serve through their actions and use of language is not always as easy as it sounds.

But in the initial stages it’s the effort that I’m looking for. Show me that you have been paying attention and my reservations will fade away. We both have much to learn but that’s all part of the journey. 

Would you like to take the ride with me?


I don’t really feel like talking to you today I just need your mouth on me. Lie on your back, arms outstretched over your head. I will be tying them to the post, this way I can play with your cock and slap it when you move.  

I’m going to smother that pretty boy face of yours, rubbing my beautifully rounded arse in it. Fuck, I am so slippery wet it will be easy to make you shine and hear you moan.  In fact I may tease my clit over your face just enough to soak my fingers so I can circle the tip of of your now twitching cock.  

‘You are not going to start wriggling are you? What’s that I can’t hear a word you are saying hehehe.’

I can feel your body tensing up as I slide my juices along the shaft of your hardened cock with my fingers. I like the way it jumps as I circle the tip.  You are starting to drip and fighting the urge to sway your hips in time with my movement 

‘Open your mouth pet I want to give you something.’

As I cum into your mouth and down your throat you can’t seem to stop yourself trying to thrust against my hand, the air anything.  You are starting to forget your place and turning into a hungry greedy sub which is a nono.  SLAP.

Your moaning intensifies beneath me and I use your nose to tickle my rosebud quickly realising I want more as my pussy starts to throb.

Fingering myself as you enthusiastically tongue fuck my arse feels gloriously delicious.  I know I will need to cum several more times until I am satisfied, you know there will be more slapping to come…

Testing, testing 123…

Ginger root medicinal in many ways but also a great torture device. It looks innocent and unassuming but can be potent in the right hands… I love cooking with it and have always wanted to try the other option as I’m fascinated by its effect. Sore throat and colds be gone. This simple root with its heated effect really gets to work immediately so I can see how it would work well as a form of discipline…

I haven’t had time lately to search for a pet so my imagination will have to suffice. It reminds me of when I was a young girl and wanted a racing bike. All of a sudden they seemed to be bikers racing everywhere in a manner I had not noticed before. But I only wanted one in particular. Very much like my pet search…

If you were mine would you be my test subject? I could wear a white coat and get a clip board. You would make an exellent test subject. I quite like the idea of you in a patients gown with a raging hard on.

Because I’m pretty sure you would be wouldn’t you? All hard and dripping in anticipation. I think the Victorians called it figging. I’ve prepared one just the right size for you. I wonder if your internal pulsing against the root will intensify the sensation and make your dick harder. 

In fact stroke yourself for me and tell me what you feel. I know its hot. Does it radiate your whole body or just your arse. I can see from your face its somewhere between pleasure and pain. Enjoyment and discomfort. Shame and lust. You look so cute when you’re aroused and slightly embarrassed!

Time for your mouth between my legs. Leave it in lets see how much you can take….

Its tempting but…

Of course it could be the most amazing scene for so many reasons. But once that line is crossed its not really possible to go back. 

I value my privacy too much to mix business with pleasure. He has demonstrated on various occasions that he is interested in the concept of being controlled but its not clear to what extent and on quiet days I will admit my mind may wander…

There are nooks that we could tuck ourselves into where no one would think to look. The building is old and maze like enough for us to hide ourselves away. But I always think its the scent that gives it away regardless.

The smile and sheen on your face. The lingering looks when you think no one is looking. For me it would be the temptation to drop something just to watch you pick it up at my feet. Watching you desperately resisting the urge to touch my shoe. The manner in which I could pose a question just to hear you say yes Mistress. 

Okay so perhaps I have been thinking about it. Need to busy myself before I do something out of sheer boredom…