I think about you way more than I should…

  • Right now you are laying at the foot of my bed with your arms tied above your head. Blindfolded with a funnel in your mouth.  Naked under the blanket, awaiting your next instruction. Knowing you enjoy being this frustrated and powerless to your need makes it very hot for me. I lay on the bed listening to your beathing. Why do I enjoy torturing you so? Part of it is your willingness to please me even to the detriment of yourself. The fact that you know this but find an erotic charge in the contradiction makes me push you further. And there is the loop…

    Author: Thoughts of Miss Evie

    I'm a beautiful 40 year old black woman who enjoys teasing men & loves to be licked. Its been a few years since I've had a submissive male as a pet and I miss the dynamic. Most of the potential ones I've met have been inadequate for my needs or just not the right fit, but I've enjoyed every minute of the search....

    4 thoughts on “I think about you way more than I should…”

    1. Tied in the grip of erotica
      deep penetrating pleasure
      breaks down walls of desire
      to fall into the smooth lips
      of lust elevating bodies to
      explicit fire of intense want
      mouth watering with urge
      exotic love always has a effective touch
      I like your post

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