It may not feel like it now

But you will heal and find yourself again. Someone who makes you uncomfortable to be yourself does not deserve you.  I see your flaws I’m not blind but I also know that no one is perfect. Respect is not something that is taken or forced. Just because you have a deep seated need to fulfill doesn’t give others the right to treat you as less than. 

You are a submissive woman, but that is only part of a greater whole and I love that we have become such close friends. Its my job to remind you just how beautiful and amazing you are. Also to guard you against those who may seek to exploit you. The best way I can do that is encourage you to see the wonder in you that draws men to you and your inexplicable grace. It is a little bizzare that we see the world so differently but share a love for each other that grows so easily over time and rekindles no matter how long we have been apart, for is friendship not also a kind of love?

Value yourself, you are more expensive than you know. Sometimes I think us women are our own worst enemy. Men like variety so we have no need to compete with each other. Rather we should be guarding each other against the idiots who come in all shapes, genders and sizes. 

You always say you wish for a male version of me. I always tell you, I would honour such a precious gift and treasure the jewel that you are.  

Author: Thoughts of Miss Evie

I'm a beautiful 40 year old black woman who enjoys teasing men & loves to be licked. Its been a few years since I've had a submissive male as a pet and I miss the dynamic. Most of the potential ones I've met have been inadequate for my needs or just not the right fit, but I've enjoyed every minute of the search....

8 thoughts on “It may not feel like it now”

      1. Chinese New Year starts on the Aquarius new moon which is their first day of spring. This year that is the 28th of January. Here we celebrate Australia day on the 26th of January each year. Am still a novice with Chinese astrology. With Western astrology Neptune is about dreams. Neptune is currently in his ruling sign of Pisces. Will be for a few more years yet. I expect it will mean changes in legislation concerning pharmaceutical companies, medicinal marijuana, and we are going to see the MNC’s tipping in some of their riches back into economies through this…?

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  1. Moon in Leo now. Waning until 27th. Waning phase is good for banishing and reducing things. Then that is the fire monkey year gone and we will be in the fire rooster. Fire rooster should have more order and direction than the dynamic change of the monkey. About to get busy for the day. Thanks for your thoughts and feedback yesterday. I appreciate your taking the time and your views on it all.

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