Damn that alarm, ruining my fun…

I had a dream the other day. It surprised me as I haven’t consciously thought of D/s play for quite some time.  

We were in a bar/restaraunt and it was quiet save for the jazz type band playing in the background. I think it was my bloody valentine or some such melody. 

You were quite forward for such a shy boy, which is not like you at all. You stood up to ask me for a dance as I sat by the bar listening to the torch singer thinking I could probably do a better job (I know, oh the vanity, lol).

I was wearing my silver silk dress and from the feel of it no underwear. Each move outlining the contour of my body, dancing on my curves and it was a warm night so the fabric felt soothing against my skin.

You placed the palm of your left hand against my back and stood to my right.

‘A beautiful woman is seldom left alone for long’

‘How true’ I replied. ‘Is this the part where you offer me a drink, as I’d love a dark and stormy.’

‘Its been a while I know but I can’t let you go, have a dance with me and I’ll be as good as you want me to be.’

This one really has a way of making me smile despite myself and a good spirit so I agree. 

His hand feels cool on the small of my back and the cheeky bass player smiles, blows me a kiss and winks at me.

I’m pulled closer.

‘You are dancing with me remember?’

‘Indeed I am, how could I forget.’ 

‘Your nipples look beautiful in that dress, It’s all I can do to stop myself from eating them right here. You always taste so very good and make me feel greedy for more.’

‘I think the dance is enough of a kindness for you considering your failure to respond to my last message in a timely fashion. ‘

‘You know my research often takes me to desolate places. I didn’t have a chance. Sometimes I think thats why you wrote to me in the first place.’

‘Don’t be silly.  If I wanted you to fail I would have come up with something much more inventive.’ 

I push myself closer towards you and feel your hardness growing. 

‘Something  certainly did miss me even if you are too proud to admit it.’ I say smiling into your eyes.

‘I’m  sure you are aware by now that I have very little ability to deny you anything Mistress’.

‘Of course I am that’s why I enjoy teasing you so much. How did you know I would be here?’

‘ I asked after you at work and was told you enjoy whisky based cocktails when you want to relax. This place and two others are known for just that so I tried each of them in the hope of finding you.  Also I know you enjoy live music, so ….’

I took your hand and lightly brushed it against me. The reaction in your eyes palpable as your whole body stiffens. 

I think I’d like that drink now…

‘Yes of course. I’ll find us a nice table.’

There is something quite sweet about a grown man with a submissive nature who becomes as excited as a boy when he thinks he has an opportunity to please a dominant woman.

He bought a shot for himself so I can tell he is nervous. 

‘Be a darling and get a wine glass.’ I ask

‘But I got you a cocktail with a bottle of chilled lemonade just as you like it’.

‘I didn’t say the glass was for me to drink from silly. I’ll be back in a moment.’

With that I left to the loo taking the glass with me. Upon my return the glass was full and I had freshened up my lipstick. A lovely reddish purple I have yet to find in waking life. 

‘I got you a drink. Fresh from the source. If you drink it you can have another dance’

You took the glass and stared at me. A combination of surprise and lust in your eyes. 

‘You said you can deny me nothing, so prove yourself and let’s see where the night takes us…’

I have yet to find out what happens next as my alarm woke me up!


Author: Thoughts of Miss Evie

I'm a beautiful 40 year old black woman who enjoys teasing men & loves to be licked. Its been a few years since I've had a submissive male as a pet and I miss the dynamic. Most of the potential ones I've met have been inadequate for my needs or just not the right fit, but I've enjoyed every minute of the search....

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