Before we meet…

The amount of times you think about touching yourself will increase. It must be psychological. The idea of what is to come seems to propel some potential puppys into the most raging hard ons at inopportune moments.

On your way to work as you daydream about how I could taste. In the middle of a meeting when you wonder if I will like the gift you chose. Or perhaps the next time your phone buzzes in your pocket as you wait in anticipation of my next message.

You seem like the kind of puppy that will need to be kept on a leash for quite some time before training starts to settle you into your place.

You said you wanted to be mine, begged to be my pet. Remember that.

I have a task for one who has yet to read this. I look forward to seeing how this will progress. If he has been paying attention it will show and we will meet.


Author: Thoughts of Miss Evie

I'm a beautiful 40 year old black woman who enjoys teasing men & loves to be licked. Its been a few years since I've had a submissive male as a pet and I miss the dynamic. Most of the potential ones I've met have been inadequate for my needs or just not the right fit, but I've enjoyed every minute of the search....

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