Inside the whale

Just listened to Fay Weldons story read by Oliver Ford Davies. Hilarious! I do love her sense of humour…


Testing, testing 123…

Ginger root medicinal in many ways but also a great torture device. It looks innocent and unassuming but can be potent in the right hands… I love cooking with it and have always wanted to try the other option as I’m fascinated by its effect. Sore throat and colds be gone. This simple root with its heated effect really gets to work immediately so I can see how it would work well as a form of discipline…

I haven’t had time lately to search for a pet so my imagination will have to suffice. It reminds me of when I was a young girl and wanted a racing bike. All of a sudden they seemed to be bikers racing everywhere in a manner I had not noticed before. But I only wanted one in particular. Very much like my pet search…

If you were mine would you be my test subject? I could wear a white coat and get a clip board. You would make an exellent test subject. I quite like the idea of you in a patients gown with a raging hard on.

Because I’m pretty sure you would be wouldn’t you? All hard and dripping in anticipation. I think the Victorians called it figging. I’ve prepared one just the right size for you. I wonder if your internal pulsing against the root will intensify the sensation and make your dick harder. 

In fact stroke yourself for me and tell me what you feel. I know its hot. Does it radiate your whole body or just your arse. I can see from your face its somewhere between pleasure and pain. Enjoyment and discomfort. Shame and lust. You look so cute when you’re aroused and slightly embarrassed!

Time for your mouth between my legs. Leave it in lets see how much you can take….

Its tempting but…

Of course it could be the most amazing scene for so many reasons. But once that line is crossed its not really possible to go back. 

I value my privacy too much to mix business with pleasure. He has demonstrated on various occasions that he is interested in the concept of being controlled but its not clear to what extent and on quiet days I will admit my mind may wander…

There are nooks that we could tuck ourselves into where no one would think to look. The building is old and maze like enough for us to hide ourselves away. But I always think its the scent that gives it away regardless.

The smile and sheen on your face. The lingering looks when you think no one is looking. For me it would be the temptation to drop something just to watch you pick it up at my feet. Watching you desperately resisting the urge to touch my shoe. The manner in which I could pose a question just to hear you say yes Mistress. 

Okay so perhaps I have been thinking about it. Need to busy myself before I do something out of sheer boredom…

Damn that alarm, ruining my fun…

I had a dream the other day. It surprised me as I haven’t consciously thought of D/s play for quite some time.  

We were in a bar/restaraunt and it was quiet save for the jazz type band playing in the background. I think it was my bloody valentine or some such melody. 

You were quite forward for such a shy boy, which is not like you at all. You stood up to ask me for a dance as I sat by the bar listening to the torch singer thinking I could probably do a better job (I know, oh the vanity, lol).

I was wearing my silver silk dress and from the feel of it no underwear. Each move outlining the contour of my body, dancing on my curves and it was a warm night so the fabric felt soothing against my skin.

You placed the palm of your left hand against my back and stood to my right.

‘A beautiful woman is seldom left alone for long’

‘How true’ I replied. ‘Is this the part where you offer me a drink, as I’d love a dark and stormy.’

‘Its been a while I know but I can’t let you go, have a dance with me and I’ll be as good as you want me to be.’

This one really has a way of making me smile despite myself and a good spirit so I agree. 

His hand feels cool on the small of my back and the cheeky bass player smiles, blows me a kiss and winks at me.

I’m pulled closer.

‘You are dancing with me remember?’

‘Indeed I am, how could I forget.’ 

‘Your nipples look beautiful in that dress, It’s all I can do to stop myself from eating them right here. You always taste so very good and make me feel greedy for more.’

‘I think the dance is enough of a kindness for you considering your failure to respond to my last message in a timely fashion. ‘

‘You know my research often takes me to desolate places. I didn’t have a chance. Sometimes I think thats why you wrote to me in the first place.’

‘Don’t be silly.  If I wanted you to fail I would have come up with something much more inventive.’ 

I push myself closer towards you and feel your hardness growing. 

‘Something  certainly did miss me even if you are too proud to admit it.’ I say smiling into your eyes.

‘I’m  sure you are aware by now that I have very little ability to deny you anything Mistress’.

‘Of course I am that’s why I enjoy teasing you so much. How did you know I would be here?’

‘ I asked after you at work and was told you enjoy whisky based cocktails when you want to relax. This place and two others are known for just that so I tried each of them in the hope of finding you.  Also I know you enjoy live music, so ….’

I took your hand and lightly brushed it against me. The reaction in your eyes palpable as your whole body stiffens. 

I think I’d like that drink now…

‘Yes of course. I’ll find us a nice table.’

There is something quite sweet about a grown man with a submissive nature who becomes as excited as a boy when he thinks he has an opportunity to please a dominant woman.

He bought a shot for himself so I can tell he is nervous. 

‘Be a darling and get a wine glass.’ I ask

‘But I got you a cocktail with a bottle of chilled lemonade just as you like it’.

‘I didn’t say the glass was for me to drink from silly. I’ll be back in a moment.’

With that I left to the loo taking the glass with me. Upon my return the glass was full and I had freshened up my lipstick. A lovely reddish purple I have yet to find in waking life. 

‘I got you a drink. Fresh from the source. If you drink it you can have another dance’

You took the glass and stared at me. A combination of surprise and lust in your eyes. 

‘You said you can deny me nothing, so prove yourself and let’s see where the night takes us…’

I have yet to find out what happens next as my alarm woke me up!

Good boys deserve treats

I can almost recall the feeling but its growing dim. This is the longest I have gone without and I don’t like it. A girl gets used to a certain standard and finds it hard to relent.  

Anyhoo back to the story I was intending to tell. 

I like to kiss. Kissing pets is an enticing way to get them all hungry and wanton. More pliable and willing to please. I enjoy telling them what I expect from the session while showering them with kisses so they are aware they are loved and will be even more so when they comply and honour their role. 

I’m wearing my red and white stockings with my navy cincher and position myself on the bed, head on pillow, arse in the air, legs slightly open to reveal my pink wetness and pretty rosebud. Ironically the most comfortable position for giving birth is also the one I get the most intense orgasms from. But I digress…

You kneel on the floor with your head up. Hypnotised by the sight. I call your name more than once before you respond.  I’m sure the plug is making your cock throb harder than usual which must be distracting also. Hehehe

‘I want you to lick from my pussy to my arse. Three times then tongue fuck my rosebud. Make sure you use your chin to tease my clit. You can do that can’t you?’

‘Fuck yes, I will do my best Miss’

‘Good, now come closer so I can take a hold of that leash. I like the way it feels between my thighs.’

I pull you closer to my destination before you have a chance to steady yourself, hearing tou moan softly does something indescribable for me. I wind the leash around my hand allowing you less freedom of movement. Your cock is strappped to your belly and straining against tape which I have bound aroind your waist. Its crude but effective. I enjoy using my feet to check hoe much you are dripping. Of course you will lick them clean later if you’re a good boy…

You’re going to have to trust me…

If you want this to be more than a one time thing.  I need you obedient and docile. But not a passive victim. More a willing servant.Like a good pet dog. 

You need to make time for me and be willing to learn. I am often asked if I prefer white boys but to be honest I’m a rainbow girl. I love  all colours as long as they have a submissive streak and something about them appeals to me.  

I very much need a test subject to practise my rope work on. I don’t want to get rusty.  Right now I want you on your knees with your hand tied and your legs on a spreader bar. It will be fun for me to try out my new crop with you in this position. Something tells me its a stinger so you will have reminders for days to come. I’ll keep it within reach. Thinking about it makes me drip. Just as well I’m not wearing any panties. I bend over in front of you and rub my arse in your face. Do try to keep your balance darling if you want to cum this week. Well done for resisting the urge to taste me. Now stick your tongue as deeply as you can into me. Lets see just what a brown noser you can be. Hehehe 

Can you feel me dripping onto your chin? Good boy, keep going that feels fucking great.  I pull my cheeks open to allow you greater access. That’s what I want you to do when I decide to fuck that beautiful arse of yours. I can hear you gurgling as my thighs make your neck wet from the intensity of my juices. I grab your head and direct your movements.  What a wonderful sensation hearing you moaning into me. 

I turn around to face you and grab my riding crop. Three sharp strikes on your cheeks. Two on the left and one on the right. Watching the colour change on your skin and the sound of your breath taken in sharply makes me melt. You take it for me, I’ve  known you’ve wanted me for some time but hesitated because I value our friendship and have not shared this side of myself with many people.

‘Are you sure you want this?’ I ask.

‘More than anything Miss’ you reply staring into my eyes.

I smile and slap your face. 

‘I don’t remember saying you could look at me. You’re going to have to learn a new role in this context. One you are clearly not used to. But that will change over time. As will you. 

It may not feel like it now

But you will heal and find yourself again. Someone who makes you uncomfortable to be yourself does not deserve you.  I see your flaws I’m not blind but I also know that no one is perfect. Respect is not something that is taken or forced. Just because you have a deep seated need to fulfill doesn’t give others the right to treat you as less than. 

You are a submissive woman, but that is only part of a greater whole and I love that we have become such close friends. Its my job to remind you just how beautiful and amazing you are. Also to guard you against those who may seek to exploit you. The best way I can do that is encourage you to see the wonder in you that draws men to you and your inexplicable grace. It is a little bizzare that we see the world so differently but share a love for each other that grows so easily over time and rekindles no matter how long we have been apart, for is friendship not also a kind of love?

Value yourself, you are more expensive than you know. Sometimes I think us women are our own worst enemy. Men like variety so we have no need to compete with each other. Rather we should be guarding each other against the idiots who come in all shapes, genders and sizes. 

You always say you wish for a male version of me. I always tell you, I would honour such a precious gift and treasure the jewel that you are.