Sometimes a girl needs a snackĀ 

Today I just want to take what I need so I can get on with the rest of my day without distractions. I know you’re home so I make my way over. The length of the journey does nothing to ebb my hunger

I knock on your door and you answer so immediately that it’s clear you must have been waiting. I kiss you full on the lips and lower you to the  ground. Once you are laying on the floor I raise your arms over your head and tie them with my scarf. You look up at me and smile silently. I spit on your face as I raise my skirt, then lower my sopping pussy onto it. I know you are struggling to breathe right now, suffocating in juice and flesh, but your cock is bursting and I know you love to be used like the toy you seek to be. ‘I’m not going to touch that cock of yours. It’s your mouth I need.’ I sit on your chest so I can see your face covered in deliciously sweet honey. You struggle to open your eyes. ‘I think you better keep them closed fuckface I’m not finished’.

I slide easily over your mouth and enjoy the sensation of your nose tickling my clit. ‘Open your mouth and stick out your tongue’. It’s so very hot when you obey. A look of confusion & excitement. I hold you down by your hair as I explode into your mouth pulsing on your tongue. Fuck that felt good. I pull down my skirt and go the bathroom to wash my hands and freshen up.

‘I feel so much better, bye’. 

You are still laying on the floor, lost in your thoughts as I close the door. 


I want to hear your desire

I want to make your face wet but only after I hear you moan. Take off all your clothes. I want to tie one of your hands to the post and tie your legs together at the ankles. Standing there with your limited freedom and willing smile makes me wet. I knew this shocking pink body stocking would make a great tease tool. It looks so pretty with my boots. I stand inches  from those lovely lips, stroke your chest and watch your cock twitch in response to my touch. I take your free hand and use it to play with my nipples. ‘Would you like to taste me puppy?’ You raise your head to look into my eyes. ‘So very much’.

I’ve been teasing you for some time now bringing you so close but not allowing you to release. You’ve crossed over from a frustrated  acceptance of your place to a desperate need to fulfill the desire to please me, taste me, feel my wetness dripping on  your tongue. Remind me why you are my favourite toy.

I guide your hand to my thighs they are soft and a little wet. You forget yourself for a moment and raise it up towards my pussy. I slap your face. Hard. ‘Sorry Miss, it’s just you’ve never teased me this long before. It’s beginning to hurt.’

‘Well I wouldn’t want to break my new toy but I haven’t got what I want yet naughty one. You want me to be happy don’t you?’

You look to the ground.’It is my role to do what I can to satisfy you’. ‘That’s right fuckface, you know I appreciate your every demonstration of submission to me’. I guide your hand to the source of my wetness tracing  the lips with your fingers, listening to you breathing deepen. Your rock hard cock aching for release.

I rub your shiny slippery fingers on my nipples through the fishnet material then guide your head to it. I love the way you suck and lick them, makes my pussy pulse.  Using your cock tip to slide over and around my clit makes you moan. I’m so aroused we can hear  the juices as I slap your cock against my pussy. 

‘I’m so close to the edge I’m teetering over Miss, please.’ Your precum. is dripping over my hand. I let go and wipe your mess on your face. ‘Lick my fingers clean’ Watching you I notice you’re still dripping and it’s landing on my lovely boots. ‘You’ve got to clean this mess too you horny slut.’

As you lick my boots clean with your cute little arse in the air I can’t help but touch my soaking wetness. ‘Bring your mouth here’. I hold myself open to you with one hand and guide your head  with the other. Then I step back. You move forward as far as the rope will let you, forgetting your arm is still tied up and it pulls you back slightly. You almost lose your balance. Good Job you are already on your knees ! I love watching you strain against the ropes prepared to take a little pain just for a taste…

‘Suck my clit like I showed you. I’m going to cum on your face’. You certainly have been paying attention in our sessions I can feel the tongue lapping away as you take me into that delicious mouth. I slide myself over your face soaking it. Fuck that feels good. I love the way you moan with every sip.

The secret ingredient

There’s a lollipop in your bag and you’re not a sweet tooth kinda guy but I did say I’d put in a treat for you. Its getting to that time if day at work where you could use a pick me up.

Last night was different somehow. You were laid flat on the floor and although blindfolded your hands were left untied. I told you they would remain so, if you kept them at your sides. I know it wasn’t easy for you being so close to everything you love & unable to touch, but like the dutiful servant, you obeyed. 

Come to think of it there was the sound of plastic being unwrapped but you thought nothing of it at the time as I was making warm puddles on your torso. Anyway you told yourself earlier this week that you were not going to be jealous of my toys, even if they get to be in places you belong. Actually it was also pretty sticky but you were too busy trying not to let all the blood rush to your head to think anything of it, as I rubbed my titties in your face and played.

You inspect the item more closely recalling the events of the night before. It has been tampered with and resealed. When you unwrap it the scent of me is mixed with choccovanilla. Just like I tasted on your tongue but not as intense. You resist the urge to sniff the sweet, but lick the wrapper. Waste not, want not! 

‘I thought you didn’t like hard candy?’ one of your colleagues ask responding to your contagious smile. ‘I dont’ you reply ‘but this one has a secret ingredient’

I want him and he knows it

Yet we’ve never touched or even met physically. I just know there’s something there. I don’t hide anything from him about my search as I wait for our inevitable, yet he still wants to be mine. How intoxicating to meet someone that understands themselves and is aware enough to enjoy the thought of giving another control. This doesn’t make you weak or less than in my eyes as so many subs seem to think. Quite the contrary, In fact if we can’t build a friendship from it and enjoy each others company I’m likely to get bored rather quickly. It’s also more fun when my mood changes and you are reminded of your place. *smiles*

That’s the kind of toy I want. An independent spirit that willingly offers up a part of themselves they seldom share with others. Something that’s ours alone and can not be easily explained or categorised. We make our own rules.

I think about you way more than I should…

  • Right now you are laying at the foot of my bed with your arms tied above your head. Blindfolded with a funnel in your mouth.  Naked under the blanket, awaiting your next instruction. Knowing you enjoy being this frustrated and powerless to your need makes it very hot for me. I lay on the bed listening to your beathing. Why do I enjoy torturing you so? Part of it is your willingness to please me even to the detriment of yourself. The fact that you know this but find an erotic charge in the contradiction makes me push you further. And there is the loop…

    That mahogany desk

    My thoughts still wander as I work on that desk. One of my most lucid daydreams. I picture you trying to work, typing away at the keyboard preparing for your next meeting. You look so serious with your mind focused so intently. How can I resist distracting you?

    I move the keyboard aside and sit in its place. My legs on the arms if your chair. That’s got your attention! I lift my skirt up and play until I leave a puddle on the desk. My wet fingers trace your lips. I pull my skirt down and leave the room to make tea. We both know you would love to clean that puddle with your tongue or at least lick your lips. I wonder how long you will hold out before you ask…