Our appointment

I call you as I head to your place. I’m 20 minutes away.

‘Get ready for me. Make sure you are in the appropriate state when I arrive’

Just hearing the words come out makes me wet. I don’t have much time today but I need a release and you are just the right person for the job. As I arrive at your flat I can feel my juices against the fabric of my underwear and top of my thighs.

When the door opens it’s clear that you are naked as expected. Such a beautiful man especially as you fall to your knees. I lift my dress and stroke my wet thighs, with my juiced hand I hold the side of your face and you instantly try to lick my hand.

SLAP! ‘Hey you are usually such a well behaved boy what do gou think you are doing?’

‘I’m sorry Mistress, the scent of you is intoxicating, I couldn’t help myself.’

I take my panties off infront of you and stuff them into your mouth. Slapping you a little more and pushing your shoulders back I lay you in the floor and sit in your face.

The sensation of my skin overwhelms your senses. I rub my soaked pussy in your face. I know not being able to taste me with your tongue is driving you crazy.

‘Should have been good pet. You could be tasting me right now instead of second hand through my panties’.

I push your arms above your head and grind my hot wetness all over your glistening face. I enjoy hearing your groans both lustful and painful as you attempt to open your mouth for even the slightest taste. Your body begins to dance in time with mine. Your dick is fucking the air as if it contains the echo of my pussy, I’m sure you are fantasizing about more than just tasting me right now. I push a finger deep inside me and then trace the outline of your cock.

‘Are you going to be a good boy now?’

You nod as best you can underneath me. Removing the panties I say

‘Make yourself a drink.’

You thank me and immediately start by sucking my clit. You know how much I love feeling your mouth around me. I hold your head down as you roll your tongue over my lips and push into my wet hole.

‘Suck again puppy, its pulsing. I’m so close’

You obey like it’s the most important task you have ever been given.

‘Every last drop remember?’

Fuck it feels good as the intensity rises and I feel the release. As the pleasure of the moment fades I give you a few minutes to recover.

‘Be a darling and get me a mocha before I have to go.’

You get up and head to the bathroom

‘Where are you going?’

‘To wash my face Miss’

‘Uh uh. Get dressed you can do that when you return.’

You smile putting on your jeans and t-shirt as you head to the door. Such a good boy I think to myself.