I thought of you 

As he pounded into me and even before.  He knows another makes me so very wet just from his words. He asks me of you as he rubs my juices over my engorged clit. Why does he do this to you? I wanna be mad but you feel so fucking good right now.  

‘Feeling your  walls closing in as my cock is getting drenched makes it hard to be jealous right now. You know I need this from you, I’m never letting you go?’

Moving my hips in  time to your thrust I reply. 

‘He does for me what you do not. He will lick me clean after this. With his little dick leaking as he does it and he loves me for it.’

Hearing this makes you harden despite your look of disapproval. I kiss you and pull you downward back on the floor.  Lowering myself slowly onto your face.

‘I will be much less gentle with him. Grinding my cun filled pussy in his face’. 

You moan and suck on my clit. Rubbing with your tongue. Then pushing your tongue deep into the source of my wetness. 

‘Please let me fuck you. I am so in need. I want him to know you are mine.’

I laugh and you look hurt. I move myself lower down your body leaving a trail of juice. You slap my clit with the tip of your dick and kiss my nipples. 

I bounce on the tip until he arches his back to fill me. I can feel him wanting to prove himself to me. Keep himself in my memory. I dance on his dick taking all its length rocking to our own rythym. 

‘You love that another wants me and I always come back to you. Don’t you?’

‘Yes. At times I hate it but I love knowing you are desired & still choose me. I’ll let him know that every lick is the result of how I filled and marked you. ‘

I love it when you become primal and lustfull. Grunting as you push deeper. Your grip on me tightening. 

‘I want all of it lover fill me and cover me. Let him be grateful for what he receives. ‘

At that you do as can be seen. Such a good boy for me and you still get to play alpha. Kinda!

Time for pet to get to work….


A lesson in patience 

The hungry boy was so in need, he forgot his manners.  This won’t do. Patience is not an easy skill to muster but you are going to have to find a way if you want this to continue. I am so close to actually taking you on but my time is precious so I cant afford to waste it. 

There is an element of the brat about you but I’m certain some well administered discipline will keep that in check. 

One such torment I’m beginning to think would be good for you is tying you to the bed spread eagled and bringing in another that is bigger and more experienced at their role. This will not only remind you that things can be different if I so choose but also helps you to realise there is a dynamic that needs to be maintained, plus it will keep you on your toes.

 Perhaps also a blind fold,  if you have shown you do not deserve to see how another can give me pleasure. We would ignore you as if you are just some creases and bumps on the bed. I know the perfect guy for such a thing. Polite, very handome and well built. Almost as much of a flirt as I am and a wicked sense of humour. I don’t want to make him my pet but I do want to devour him. I like the idea of laying on top of you as he enters me. You being forced to hear every moan, gasp or move we make but unable to do anything. Your sense if smell and touch heightened as your cock hardens despite yourself, the innate nature  of your need to be owned brought to the surface. 

Don’t worry I will take my time to describe every detail the next time you get too big for your boots.