I thought of you 

As he pounded into me and even before.  He knows another makes me so very wet just from his words. He asks me of you as he rubs my juices over my engorged clit. Why does he do this to you? I wanna be mad but you feel so fucking good right now.  

‘Feeling your  walls closing in as my cock is getting drenched makes it hard to be jealous right now. You know I need this from you, I’m never letting you go?’

Moving my hips in  time to your thrust I reply. 

‘He does for me what you do not. He will lick me clean after this. With his little dick leaking as he does it and he loves me for it.’

Hearing this makes you harden despite your look of disapproval. I kiss you and pull you downward back on the floor.  Lowering myself slowly onto your face.

‘I will be much less gentle with him. Grinding my cun filled pussy in his face’. 

You moan and suck on my clit. Rubbing with your tongue. Then pushing your tongue deep into the source of my wetness. 

‘Please let me fuck you. I am so in need. I want him to know you are mine.’

I laugh and you look hurt. I move myself lower down your body leaving a trail of juice. You slap my clit with the tip of your dick and kiss my nipples. 

I bounce on the tip until he arches his back to fill me. I can feel him wanting to prove himself to me. Keep himself in my memory. I dance on his dick taking all its length rocking to our own rythym. 

‘You love that another wants me and I always come back to you. Don’t you?’

‘Yes. At times I hate it but I love knowing you are desired & still choose me. I’ll let him know that every lick is the result of how I filled and marked you. ‘

I love it when you become primal and lustfull. Grunting as you push deeper. Your grip on me tightening. 

‘I want all of it lover fill me and cover me. Let him be grateful for what he receives. ‘

At that you do as can be seen. Such a good boy for me and you still get to play alpha. Kinda!

Time for pet to get to work….


The outdoors type 

I enjoy my country walks, relieved and happy to be away from the city for the first time in too long. I’ve forgotten how relaxing it is to get away from the mania of city life. 

It would not be as easy to find a secluded spot where I can seduce you outside surrounded by greenery if we were back home. This however is perfect. My privacy shielded by this giant oak tree with a seat for one moulded by nature itself, in the heart of the trunk. 

I’m wearing a long warm winter dress and coat. ‘Come closer I’m cold. In fact sit  down,  I’ll sit on your lap and you can wrap me in your big coat.’

I feel your hardness growing as I whisper my intentions in your ear for the afternoon and slowly roll my hips against you.I hear your breathing change with each word uttered. Sometimes words alone are enough for me to remind you of your place. I enjoy the psychological aspects of this dynamic just as much as the physical.

Your hot breath against my neck warms me. ‘Keep that coat wrapped around me’. 

‘But how will I touch you Miss?’

‘That is a dilemma for you isn’t it? You don’t want to displease me by exposing me to the cold do you?’

‘Of course not Miss.Your joy brings mine’ You reply with a smile.

‘So keep me warm and we’ll both be happy’

The slightest movement from you could end this encounter and you know it from previous experience. Better to do as you’re told and enjoy that I have chosen you to share this moment with. 

You feel my right hand against the inside of your left thigh. It moves towards the source of your heat. ‘Funny how that area always seems to be warm even in cold temperatures.’ I say as I raise my skirt and adjust my position on your lap.

‘Please Miss, it’s been over a week since I’ve seen you and longer since I’ve had any release. I don’t know if this is a treat or torture’.

‘You’re not going to literally blow it here are you?’ I can’t help but laugh at my own joke and you smile despite yourself.

We have a whole weekend and you know I’ll be disappointed in you if you don’t push yourself. The reward will be worth the restraint.

‘No,  I want you, so I’ll be good’.

‘There’s my faithful little bitch. Tell me what you are to me’

‘I’m your bitch, your fuck toy, your plaything’.

‘Yes you are my darling and what a lovely toy you are’. With that I unzip your flies and take out your length. 

‘My, you are quite the big boy today aren’t you.’

I lick my fingers and and circle the tip. It doesn’t take long for you to start leaking and twitching at my touch. Your hips start to rock in time with mine.

‘Please can we go back to our room Miss. I want to taste you’

‘How sweet of you to offer. You are making my thighs wet with your sticky mess. I want to play some more first. You can take it can’t you.’ 

I make it more of a statement than a question. I turn to face you and your eyes tell me you are fighting against instinct. You are doing so well I push you further with a few strokes from the base to the tip rubbing yours juices against the tip before stroking again, each one more intense than the last. 

Your grip on the coat is loosening as you struggle with the urge to cum. Then I stop and stand up. My skirt lowering as I do. 

‘Tidy yourself up and let’s finish our walk’

I can see the disappointment in your face. You’ll get over it. I know you. 

‘Be sure to remember this spot, we must come back again another day’

‘I don’t think I’ll forget it’ You reply buttoning your coat.

So close…

I’ve just got out of the shower and I’m ready for bed. Why does this one make me melt more than the others? What is it about him that makes me enjoy the moments we have and want more. He is not the most obedient but perhaps the most loyal. 

I must admit to being attracted to the ones that are slightly harder to break. There’s something more satisfying about witnessing the change in character and of course this takes time, you understand that and are deliciously willing. We are sure to have many adventures along the way. 

The thought of it makes my nipples hard. I lie on the bed, unwrap the towel and reach for my body butter. Its been a long day just as tomorrow will be. The thick moisturising cream sinks into the soft brown skin of my arms, I love the fruity smell. I take more and slowly apply it to my breasts playing with my nipples. I can feel the heat rising in my pussy as I start to sense that familiar pulse in my clit. 

I think of your mouth softly taking it in and sucking. Flicking it with your tongue. 

I take my time over stomach and hips. Is it any wonder boys can be mesmerised by the female form. In fact us humans are pretty amazing. We should never feel ashamed of our bodies. I’ve always loved mine. I open my legs with my knees bent as I start on my thighs and sure enough I’m soaked. My lips are shiny and it feels nice to rock my hips. 

What I would really like is you on your stomach laying on the bed naked with your head right against my pussy, mouth open tongue out until you start to dribble saliva down your chin like a dirty little fucktoy. 

That image is enough to push two fingers into my wet hole as I arch my back. I take them out, slide them over my nipples and hold myself open with the other hand, fingers dancing on my clit. Fuck I’m so wet I can hear it. Licking juices off my fingers and squeezing my titties. If you were here your face would be shiny right now from my juices and your jaw would be sore from holding that position, you would even have made a little puddle on the bed from all that dribble. Messy puppy, but just right for rubbing my hungry cunt against. That’s right baby. All over your pretty face. I’d grab your hair and pull you in. Just the notion has me finger fucking myself and sliding juices over clitty until I almost explode. I love taking myself so close, sometimes I do this for days.

How can I edge my pets if I can’t edge myself?

That mahogany desk

My thoughts still wander as I work on that desk. One of my most lucid daydreams. I picture you trying to work, typing away at the keyboard preparing for your next meeting. You look so serious with your mind focused so intently. How can I resist distracting you?

I move the keyboard aside and sit in its place. My legs on the arms if your chair. That’s got your attention! I lift my skirt up and play until I leave a puddle on the desk. My wet fingers trace your lips. I pull my skirt down and leave the room to make tea. We both know you would love to clean that puddle with your tongue or at least lick your lips. I wonder how long you will hold out before you ask…

First blog post

Thanks for stopping by. My search for a pet has not been as easy as I thought but I have had fun and often hilarious adventures on my journey so I’m going to start documenting it. You are welcome…

The thoughts of Miss Evie

This is a space where I can share my domme thoughts with potential pets and anyone interested. I often have day dreams of past adventures and ideas on what I would like to do with the right toy…