The exhibition

We arranged to take a day off to spend together in our own special way. You booked a hotel to ensure our privacy as we seek to explore a hidden part of ourselves.

The week before I asked you to purchase some items and bring them with you.  The thought of a face dildo  and riding crop in your bag, makes you nervous and excited at the same time as you wait for me in the cafe bar, unsure of what to expect, yet safe in the knowledge that although Owner has a cruel streak, she appreciates you too much to cause you too much harm.

A whole day with my pet is quite a treat for both of us. I have an exhibition I’ve wanted to see at the Jack Bell Gallery for a while and this would be the perfect way to do it.  I choose my clothing as carefully as I have chosen yours. On this day I wear a blue body stocking with a black cincher under my rather formal charcoal dress…  After our afternoon drink we proceed to the gallery where I intend to tease you. We both know you are aching to see my plans for you once we are alone, which adds another dimension to the trip…

Each time I take a step the side split of my dress reveals the lace top of my holdups and the smallest hint of my beautiful dark chocolate thighs, just enough to make you warm and wonder what kind of panties I’m wearing, if at all. 

You once said you like to be made to feel weak by your desire. Let’s see if that is the case in public where you are expected to conduct yourself like a man.  Although you will always be my boy in private, I’m not about displaying our dynamic to the public. 

The gallery space is large and echos our footsteps. ‘Did you bring the items I asked for?’

‘Yes Miss Evie’ you reply quietly, avoiding eye contact, yet staring at my legs, hoping for another glimpse.

‘Great. I’m sure we will enjoy ourselves then. Especially me!’

A slight smile passes your lips. 
I drop my sunglasses and ask you to pick them up. As you kneel down to reach them I step on your hand and hear a suprised gasp emit your lips. I can see you are getting excited. My lovely little puppy. I’m going to make you melt…

I look forward to tying you up and trying out our new toys, this is going to be a wonderful day.

There is one mixed media piece I really like looking at. I wonder if you see the same things I do when you view it? 

‘I’ll be back in a moment, don’t move. Not even an inch…’

‘Yes Miss, as you wish’. 

Something about the way you say that always makes me tingle. I walk to the loo and remove my panties. The excitement of the day shows on my lace panties as you will soon find out. I’m so wet my juices are practically dripping down my thighs. After a tidy up I slide my forefinger over my sensitive clit and enjoy the feeling between my fingers. 

Stepping back out into the space I find you just as I left you. 

‘ I think I know why you  like this one so much Miss…..’

Your voice starts to trail off as I trace your lips with my fingers. 

‘You were saying?’ I ask

‘Can we go now please?’



Test run…

Try not to fuck it up and I may use you again. 

I’ve just shaved so lovely and smooth. That was supposed to be another’s job but unfortunately he couldn’t get it together. Cute though… Today I want to fuck until you admit to being physically unable to do anymore, then I’ll move onto your mouth. 

Lie on your back and take your knees to each shoulder.  This is quite a physically demanding position but you can take it can’t you big boy?

I do enjoy having this degree of control over you. It does mean that you will have less ability to stop yourself from cumming. I enjoy feeling all that lovely hot jizz squirting deep inside me. But if you cum tonight you won’t be seeing me for a few months. 

Feels good doesn’t it? You’re going to have to stop making so much noise.  In fact my panties are within reach, I might just stick them in your mouth anyway. Looks kinda hot fuckimg you like this. The only thing missing now is my hand on your pretty throat. 

The verbal agreement 

My body tingles and my pussy pulses. I can feel it against the fabric of my panties as they become moist in anticipation of your touch. You are ready for me naked and awaiting instructions. 

You know I have a thing for stockings and this body stocking was made for me. 

I know exactly how I want our encounter to go. I’ve always liked your kitchen worktop and really don’t think it’s being used to its full potential. 

I sit on the worktop and spread my legs revealing the delicious pinkness of my pussy between the darkness of my brown thighs. Look how I glisten in the light. Don’t you want to touch it? Of course you do, I can see it in your body language and the raging hard on you seem to be sporting already. 

I beckon you closer and hug you with my legs.

I want to feel your breath on my neck, hot and wanton. I love having my neck kissed. Feeling your naked body against my skin is always a good start. I bet your lips are soft, that bottom lip is just waiting to be sucked and bitten. Just thinking about it makes me wet. You have no idea how much I want you. I can tell those fingers are skillfull from the way you play guitar. 
I lick my fingers and push two into my wetness until they are slippery and shine, then roll my hips as I look into your eyes. I can tell it’s taking everything you have to maintain eye contact and not look down. Hehehe

Admiring your resilience, I moan softly and pull you by your hair towards me, kissing you full on your mouth. I suck your tongue and feel your cock harden and twitch against my leg. Pulling your hair, snaps your head back and exposes your throat. I kiss it lightly then stick my wet fingers into your mouth. My pussy pulses intensely as you passionately lick and suck my fingers clean. I can feel a small puddle forming on your worktop, putting my feet on the worktop and sitting back I say.

‘Lick my juice off the table will you darling? I’ve made a mess’

‘Yes, of course Miss’

Your hair tickles my thighs and you look up at me when you complete the task. From this angle how could I not love my little puppy? Your submission is the most beautiful gift. 

I push my hot wetness into your face, my legs over your shoulders and you lap it up like a thirsty doggy. Having my clit sucked makes me want to mark your whole face with my scent as my drips become something more and I start to drench your face, my juices filling your mouth. That hasn’t happened in quite some time and feels so very good. You deserve every drop as you struggle with drinking me in and breathing at the same time. I do love a boy dedicated to his job. As my orgasm begins to cool I notice that even your hair is a little wet. Pet deserves a treat for doing so well.

‘Come up for air so I can play with your cock as we kiss.’

‘I’d love that Miss. You taste lovely and I’d gladly drink you all day if you’d let me’.

‘I know you would. Now come here.’

You kiss my stomach and breasts with you wet face. My nipples are like bullets. I reach down and stroke your cock surprised to find it harder than ever. You really do enjoy these games and that turns me on like nothing else. I push myself closer to the edge of the worktop and rub the tip of your cock against my clit. Fuck, I want to cum all over that length as I slide it against my lips. Holding the base of your cock I start to wave it against my soaking cunt.

‘Kiss me and try not to cum’

‘I don’t know if I can do the latter Miss.’ You reply between kisses.

‘This feels pretty intense for me.I can feel you coming and it’s dripping on my aching balls’.

‘Try for me. You’ve been doing so well.’

Increasing the speed I suck your tongue tasting myself in your mouth always drives me wild. I feel you stiffen in my hand as your balls tighten.

‘Please Miss. I have to cum’

In that moment you would have agreed to anything and what kind of Domme would I be not to take advantage of that.

‘You can come on my pussy but you must aim for my clit and will have to lick me clean afterwards’

‘what? I thought you were pleased with me?’

‘This is no time to forget your manners puppy’

‘Sorry Miss. You know I can’t refuse, I’m so close.’

‘So say you will’

‘I’ll lick my cum from your pussy Miss’

With that you burst open and I love the feeling as it hits me. My goodness you have been saving yourself!

‘A deals a deal, young man’ I say as your euphoric face begins to remember what you agreed to. Surprisingly you reply 

‘It was worth it, Miss Evie’.

And get to work with an enthusiasm I hadn’t expected. What a lucky girl I am.

A lesson in patience 

The hungry boy was so in need, he forgot his manners.  This won’t do. Patience is not an easy skill to muster but you are going to have to find a way if you want this to continue. I am so close to actually taking you on but my time is precious so I cant afford to waste it. 

There is an element of the brat about you but I’m certain some well administered discipline will keep that in check. 

One such torment I’m beginning to think would be good for you is tying you to the bed spread eagled and bringing in another that is bigger and more experienced at their role. This will not only remind you that things can be different if I so choose but also helps you to realise there is a dynamic that needs to be maintained, plus it will keep you on your toes.

 Perhaps also a blind fold,  if you have shown you do not deserve to see how another can give me pleasure. We would ignore you as if you are just some creases and bumps on the bed. I know the perfect guy for such a thing. Polite, very handome and well built. Almost as much of a flirt as I am and a wicked sense of humour. I don’t want to make him my pet but I do want to devour him. I like the idea of laying on top of you as he enters me. You being forced to hear every moan, gasp or move we make but unable to do anything. Your sense if smell and touch heightened as your cock hardens despite yourself, the innate nature  of your need to be owned brought to the surface. 

Don’t worry I will take my time to describe every detail the next time you get too big for your boots.

The outdoors type 

I enjoy my country walks, relieved and happy to be away from the city for the first time in too long. I’ve forgotten how relaxing it is to get away from the mania of city life. 

It would not be as easy to find a secluded spot where I can seduce you outside surrounded by greenery if we were back home. This however is perfect. My privacy shielded by this giant oak tree with a seat for one moulded by nature itself, in the heart of the trunk. 

I’m wearing a long warm winter dress and coat. ‘Come closer I’m cold. In fact sit  down,  I’ll sit on your lap and you can wrap me in your big coat.’

I feel your hardness growing as I whisper my intentions in your ear for the afternoon and slowly roll my hips against you.I hear your breathing change with each word uttered. Sometimes words alone are enough for me to remind you of your place. I enjoy the psychological aspects of this dynamic just as much as the physical.

Your hot breath against my neck warms me. ‘Keep that coat wrapped around me’. 

‘But how will I touch you Miss?’

‘That is a dilemma for you isn’t it? You don’t want to displease me by exposing me to the cold do you?’

‘Of course not Miss.Your joy brings mine’ You reply with a smile.

‘So keep me warm and we’ll both be happy’

The slightest movement from you could end this encounter and you know it from previous experience. Better to do as you’re told and enjoy that I have chosen you to share this moment with. 

You feel my right hand against the inside of your left thigh. It moves towards the source of your heat. ‘Funny how that area always seems to be warm even in cold temperatures.’ I say as I raise my skirt and adjust my position on your lap.

‘Please Miss, it’s been over a week since I’ve seen you and longer since I’ve had any release. I don’t know if this is a treat or torture’.

‘You’re not going to literally blow it here are you?’ I can’t help but laugh at my own joke and you smile despite yourself.

We have a whole weekend and you know I’ll be disappointed in you if you don’t push yourself. The reward will be worth the restraint.

‘No,  I want you, so I’ll be good’.

‘There’s my faithful little bitch. Tell me what you are to me’

‘I’m your bitch, your fuck toy, your plaything’.

‘Yes you are my darling and what a lovely toy you are’. With that I unzip your flies and take out your length. 

‘My, you are quite the big boy today aren’t you.’

I lick my fingers and and circle the tip. It doesn’t take long for you to start leaking and twitching at my touch. Your hips start to rock in time with mine.

‘Please can we go back to our room Miss. I want to taste you’

‘How sweet of you to offer. You are making my thighs wet with your sticky mess. I want to play some more first. You can take it can’t you.’ 

I make it more of a statement than a question. I turn to face you and your eyes tell me you are fighting against instinct. You are doing so well I push you further with a few strokes from the base to the tip rubbing yours juices against the tip before stroking again, each one more intense than the last. 

Your grip on the coat is loosening as you struggle with the urge to cum. Then I stop and stand up. My skirt lowering as I do. 

‘Tidy yourself up and let’s finish our walk’

I can see the disappointment in your face. You’ll get over it. I know you. 

‘Be sure to remember this spot, we must come back again another day’

‘I don’t think I’ll forget it’ You reply buttoning your coat.

Sometimes a girl needs a snack 

Today I just want to take what I need so I can get on with the rest of my day without distractions. I know you’re home so I make my way over. The length of the journey does nothing to ebb my hunger

I knock on your door and you answer so immediately that it’s clear you must have been waiting. I kiss you full on the lips and lower you to the  ground. Once you are laying on the floor I raise your arms over your head and tie them with my scarf. You look up at me and smile silently. I spit on your face as I raise my skirt, then lower my sopping pussy onto it. I know you are struggling to breathe right now, suffocating in juice and flesh, but your cock is bursting and I know you love to be used like the toy you seek to be. ‘I’m not going to touch that cock of yours. It’s your mouth I need.’ I sit on your chest so I can see your face covered in deliciously sweet honey. You struggle to open your eyes. ‘I think you better keep them closed fuckface I’m not finished’.

I slide easily over your mouth and enjoy the sensation of your nose tickling my clit. ‘Open your mouth and stick out your tongue’. It’s so very hot when you obey. A look of confusion & excitement. I hold you down by your hair as I explode into your mouth pulsing on your tongue. Fuck that felt good. I pull down my skirt and go the bathroom to wash my hands and freshen up.

‘I feel so much better, bye’. 

You are still laying on the floor, lost in your thoughts as I close the door. 

I want to hear your desire

I want to make your face wet but only after I hear you moan. Take off all your clothes. I want to tie one of your hands to the post and tie your legs together at the ankles. Standing there with your limited freedom and willing smile makes me wet. I knew this shocking pink body stocking would make a great tease tool. It looks so pretty with my boots. I stand inches  from those lovely lips, stroke your chest and watch your cock twitch in response to my touch. I take your free hand and use it to play with my nipples. ‘Would you like to taste me puppy?’ You raise your head to look into my eyes. ‘So very much’.

I’ve been teasing you for some time now bringing you so close but not allowing you to release. You’ve crossed over from a frustrated  acceptance of your place to a desperate need to fulfill the desire to please me, taste me, feel my wetness dripping on  your tongue. Remind me why you are my favourite toy.

I guide your hand to my thighs they are soft and a little wet. You forget yourself for a moment and raise it up towards my pussy. I slap your face. Hard. ‘Sorry Miss, it’s just you’ve never teased me this long before. It’s beginning to hurt.’

‘Well I wouldn’t want to break my new toy but I haven’t got what I want yet naughty one. You want me to be happy don’t you?’

You look to the ground.’It is my role to do what I can to satisfy you’. ‘That’s right fuckface, you know I appreciate your every demonstration of submission to me’. I guide your hand to the source of my wetness tracing  the lips with your fingers, listening to you breathing deepen. Your rock hard cock aching for release.

I rub your shiny slippery fingers on my nipples through the fishnet material then guide your head to it. I love the way you suck and lick them, makes my pussy pulse.  Using your cock tip to slide over and around my clit makes you moan. I’m so aroused we can hear  the juices as I slap your cock against my pussy. 

‘I’m so close to the edge I’m teetering over Miss, please.’ Your precum. is dripping over my hand. I let go and wipe your mess on your face. ‘Lick my fingers clean’ Watching you I notice you’re still dripping and it’s landing on my lovely boots. ‘You’ve got to clean this mess too you horny slut.’

As you lick my boots clean with your cute little arse in the air I can’t help but touch my soaking wetness. ‘Bring your mouth here’. I hold myself open to you with one hand and guide your head  with the other. Then I step back. You move forward as far as the rope will let you, forgetting your arm is still tied up and it pulls you back slightly. You almost lose your balance. Good Job you are already on your knees ! I love watching you strain against the ropes prepared to take a little pain just for a taste…

‘Suck my clit like I showed you. I’m going to cum on your face’. You certainly have been paying attention in our sessions I can feel the tongue lapping away as you take me into that delicious mouth. I slide myself over your face soaking it. Fuck that feels good. I love the way you moan with every sip.