The verbal agreementĀ 

My body tingles and my pussy pulses. I can feel it against the fabric of my panties as they become moist in anticipation of your touch. You are ready for me naked and awaiting instructions. 

You know I have a thing for stockings and this body stocking was made for me. 

I know exactly how I want our encounter to go. I’ve always liked your kitchen worktop and really don’t think it’s being used to its full potential. 

I sit on the worktop and spread my legs revealing the delicious pinkness of my pussy between the darkness of my brown thighs. Look how I glisten in the light. Don’t you want to touch it? Of course you do, I can see it in your body language and the raging hard on you seem to be sporting already. 

I beckon you closer and hug you with my legs.

I want to feel your breath on my neck, hot and wanton. I love having my neck kissed. Feeling your naked body against my skin is always a good start. I bet your lips are soft, that bottom lip is just waiting to be sucked and bitten. Just thinking about it makes me wet. You have no idea how much I want you. I can tell those fingers are skillfull from the way you play guitar. 
I lick my fingers and push two into my wetness until they are slippery and shine, then roll my hips as I look into your eyes. I can tell it’s taking everything you have to maintain eye contact and not look down. Hehehe

Admiring your resilience, I moan softly and pull you by your hair towards me, kissing you full on your mouth. I suck your tongue and feel your cock harden and twitch against my leg. Pulling your hair, snaps your head back and exposes your throat. I kiss it lightly then stick my wet fingers into your mouth. My pussy pulses intensely as you passionately lick and suck my fingers clean. I can feel a small puddle forming on your worktop, putting my feet on the worktop and sitting back I say.

‘Lick my juice off the table will you darling? I’ve made a mess’

‘Yes, of course Miss’

Your hair tickles my thighs and you look up at me when you complete the task. From this angle how could I not love my little puppy? Your submission is the most beautiful gift. 

I push my hot wetness into your face, my legs over your shoulders and you lap it up like a thirsty doggy. Having my clit sucked makes me want to mark your whole face with my scent as my drips become something more and I start to drench your face, my juices filling your mouth. That hasn’t happened in quite some time and feels so very good. You deserve every drop as you struggle with drinking me in and breathing at the same time. I do love a boy dedicated to his job. As my orgasm begins to cool I notice that even your hair is a little wet. Pet deserves a treat for doing so well.

‘Come up for air so I can play with your cock as we kiss.’

‘I’d love that Miss. You taste lovely and I’d gladly drink you all day if you’d let me’.

‘I know you would. Now come here.’

You kiss my stomach and breasts with you wet face. My nipples are like bullets. I reach down and stroke your cock surprised to find it harder than ever. You really do enjoy these games and that turns me on like nothing else. I push myself closer to the edge of the worktop and rub the tip of your cock against my clit. Fuck, I want to cum all over that length as I slide it against my lips. Holding the base of your cock I start to wave it against my soaking cunt.

‘Kiss me and try not to cum’

‘I don’t know if I can do the latter Miss.’ You reply between kisses.

‘This feels pretty intense for me.I can feel you coming and it’s dripping on my aching balls’.

‘Try for me. You’ve been doing so well.’

Increasing the speed I suck your tongue tasting myself in your mouth always drives me wild. I feel you stiffen in my hand as your balls tighten.

‘Please Miss. I have to cum’

In that moment you would have agreed to anything and what kind of Domme would I be not to take advantage of that.

‘You can come on my pussy but you must aim for my clit and will have to lick me clean afterwards’

‘what? I thought you were pleased with me?’

‘This is no time to forget your manners puppy’

‘Sorry Miss. You know I can’t refuse, I’m so close.’

‘So say you will’

‘I’ll lick my cum from your pussy Miss’

With that you burst open and I love the feeling as it hits me. My goodness you have been saving yourself!

‘A deals a deal, young man’ I say as your euphoric face begins to remember what you agreed to. Surprisingly you reply 

‘It was worth it, Miss Evie’.

And get to work with an enthusiasm I hadn’t expected. What a lucky girl I am.


That mahogany desk

My thoughts still wander as I work on that desk. One of my most lucid daydreams. I picture you trying to work, typing away at the keyboard preparing for your next meeting. You look so serious with your mind focused so intently. How can I resist distracting you?

I move the keyboard aside and sit in its place. My legs on the arms if your chair. That’s got your attention! I lift my skirt up and play until I leave a puddle on the desk. My wet fingers trace your lips. I pull my skirt down and leave the room to make tea. We both know you would love to clean that puddle with your tongue or at least lick your lips. I wonder how long you will hold out before you ask…